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International Conference




Knowledge on the Move


Formalization of Technical Know-how and the Creation of an Institutional Framework for Technical Education in Meiji Japan


September 21 – 23, 2019




Saturday, September 21st, 2019


09:15 Opening address:
Virginie FERMAUD, Directrice of CEEJA


09:30 Introduction:
Technical Education in Japan from Late Edo to Meiji Period – A Historical Approach


11:00 Keynote speech
SUZUKI Jun (University of Tōkyō, Japan)
Creation of the College Education in Mechanical Engineering and Roles of its
Graduates in the Japanese Industrial Revolution (in Japanese)


14:00 WADA Masanori (Mie University, Japan)
The Foundation of the Imperial College of Engineering (Kōbu daigakkō): From Kōgaku- ryō to Kōbu daigakkō 1873 – 1886


15:00 Erich PAUER (CEEJA)
Studying Mining at the Imperial College of Engineering en Route to Becoming a Member of the Technical Elite in the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912): The Case of Ōhara Junnosuke


16:30 Janet HUNTER (LSE, London, UK)
Kikuchi Kyōzō and the Implementation of Cotton Spinning Technology: the Career of a Graduate of the Imperial College of Engineering


17:30 Opening of an Exhibition of (Japanese and Foreign) Technical Textbooks from Early Meiji Japan (Introduction: Erich Pauer)


Sunday, September 22nd, 2019


09:00 WADA Masanori (Mie University, Japan)
The Fall of the Imperial College of Engineering: From the Kōbu daigakkō to the Faculty of Engineering of Tōkyō University, 1886


10:00 TODA Kiyoko (Nara Prefectural University)
The Establishment and Curriculum of the Shokkō gakkō (Industrial Schools) in Meiji Japan


11:30 NAKAMURA Naofumi (University of Tōkyō, Japan),
The Railway Engineer Training School (工技生養成所): An Early Example of an ‘In- Firm’-Vocational Training


14:00 Christine MOLL-MURATA (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)
Translation of European Books on Natural Science and Technology in China as a Basis to Express Abstract Concepts and Create New Scientific and Technological Terms


15:00 CHEN Hailian (Tübingen University, Germany)
Transfer of Technology via Technical Textbooks: From the West to China and Japan, and vice versa in the Meiji period


16:30 Ruselle MEADE (Cardiff University, U.K.) (via Skype)
Translations of Foreign Textbooks for Education in Japan


17:30 Round-table discussion


Monday, September 23rd, 2019


09:00 SASHINAMI Akiko (Hōsei University, Tōkyō)
Education of Female Silk Reeling Instructors in the Meiji Period (in Japanese)


10:00 OKIHARU Fumiko (Tōkyō University of Science, Tōkyō)
Science Education in Japan in the late-1800s as Reflected in Student Notebooks


11:30 Regine MATHIAS (CEEJA)
Development of Mining Schools on the Eve of Japan’s Industrialization


14:00 NISHIYAMA Takahiro (University of Bonn, Germany)
The Tōkyō Meikō kagami (Models of Excellent Craftsmen in Tōkyō), ed. 1879


15:30 Final Discussion: Perspectives on Future Research Topics in the Fields Discussed


Centre Européen d’Études Japonaises d’Alsace (CEEJA)
8, route d’Ammerschwihr
68240 Kaysersberg Vignoble
Alsace / France


Guests are welcome. Admission free.
Registration required.